Consignment Policy

Step 1: Email or drop off a picture of the item(s) you wish to consign. If the Item is upholstery I also would like to see a cushion. In some cases We will come to your home. After inspection we will let you know whether or not we will accept the item(s)

Step 2: Choose the most convenient way to get your item(s) to our store. Please call ahead and schedule a drop off day and time.

Prices will be determined using such factors as style, quality, demand and condition. A contract must then be signed containing the following stipulations: All items are to be displayed for a minimum of 120 days. Markdowns of 10% occur after every 30 days of the consignment period. Consignors will receive a check for 60% of the selling price, and those checks will be mailed out on or before the tenth of every month.